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Prep’ng a RDS Database instance for Satellite 6 installation

This is a note for myself on what had to be done to prep RDS database to connect it with Red Hat Satellite 6 installation.

Currently, Red Hat Satellite using RDS doesn’t work for 2 reasons;
* For Red Hat Satellite 6.10, Postgresql 12.1 the only version of DB supported as an external DB

While I was trying to install oldest Postgresql available was 12.5.

  • Require “rh-postgresql12-postgresql-evr” pkg
    Installation will fail saying ;
    rh-postgresql12-postgresql-evr pkg with a matching version with the RDS, which doesn’t exist.
postgres=> GRANT foreman to postgres;
postgres=> GRANT candlepin to postgres;
postgres=> GRANT pulp to postgres;
  • Create databases

Satellite 6 and its partitions

This is a note for my own to remember partitions and recommended sizing that I have been using. Below partition table was created to be inline with various security benchmarks. e.g. CIS/Essential 8

OS Partition - 75 - 80 G Required

/boot - 1GiB
/ - 15 GiB
/home - 10GiB
/tmp - 5GiB
/usr - 15 GiB
/varĀ  - 5 GiB
/var/log - 10GiB
/var/log/audit - 10GiB
/var/tmp - 5GiB
swap - 2G
Satellite - 650G - 1 TB required
/var/cache/pulp/ - 20 GiB
/var/lib/pulp/ - 480 GiB
/var/lib/mongodb/ - 60 GiB
/var/opt/rh/rh-postgresql12 - 20 GiB
/var/spool/squid/ - 15 GiB

NOTE: From Red Hat Satellite 6.10, Pulp 3 is being used, MongoDB will be deprecated and it will be consolidated to PostgreSQL.

So from 6.10, the recommendations will be to increase PostgreSQL to 45G and remove /var/lib/mongodb.

To create a random password & also create a SHA512 hashed password

While I work, I need to create random passwords as well as create SHA512 hashed password so it can be added into places like kickstart and so on.

To create a random password

# date +%s | sha512sum | base64 | head -c 32 ; echo</strong>

To create a SHA512 hashed password

This is based on
However, with python3, “print” needs to be in “print ()” form.

# python3 -V</strong>
Python 3.9.2
# python3 -c 'import crypt,getpass; print (crypt.crypt(getpass.getpass()))'</strong>