Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) 2.1 – released

Last week finally, AAP 2.1 was released.
Here is the release note:
Here is a blog post from Red Hat:

So to recap some of highlights are;

What’s included in AAP 2.1 –

Automation Mesh:
This is the newest addition to Ansible Automation Platform, and replaces the isolated nodes feature in 1.2. By combining automation execution environments in version 2.0 with automation mesh in version 2.1, the automation control plane and execution plane are fully decoupled, making it easier to scale automation across the globe. You can now run your automation as close to the source as possible, without being bound to running automation in a single data center. With automation mesh, you can create execution nodes right next to the source (for example, a branch office in Johannesburg, South Africa) while execution is deployed on our automation controller in Durham, NC.

Automation mesh adds:

  • Dynamic cluster capacity. You can increase the amount of execution capacity as you need it.
  • Global scalability. The execution plane is now resilient to network latency and connection interruptions and improves communications.
  • Secure automation. Bi-directional communication between execution nodes and control nodes that include full TLS authentication and end-to-end encryption. 

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